Things to Know To Learn How to Remove Window Tint

Things to Know To Learn How to Remove Window Tint

Mistakes happen sometimes. Window tint shouldn’t be a mistake that you have to look at every day. If you purchase a vehicle with an unfavorable window tinting job performed, never fear because Auto Tint Rider has the instructions and tools to help youwhen you’re trying to learn how to remove window tint easily.

Understanding how to remove window tint is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, it’s as easy as pulling off a band-aid. Before you begin, here are a few key things you should know.

  1. Get Tint Remover Solution

Tint remover can help soften and loosen the tint on your windows, particularly driver and passenger side doors. This makes it easier to pull the tint off and decrease the scrapping with the blade. Begin by pull from the corners and applying liberal amounts of the removal solution between the glass and the film. Repeat the process until the film is removed. Make sure that the surface of the glass is wet until all the residue is removed.

  1. Read the Directions

Before you begin hacking away at your window tint, read our careful directions here on the Auto Tint Rider home page. You could easily scratch up your windows or extend the length of your removal time if you aren’t knowledgeable about what you’re doing.

  1. Use “Sweating” Technique for Back Windows

Adhesive can be removed when you apply heat to it like steam or warmed air. This method known as “sweating” is an easy way to remove window tint. By using black plastic sheet attached to the windows and then placing your vehicle in direct sunlight, you are causing the interior of the car to become hot enough to melt the adhesive on the film.

You can read more about the steps in learning how to remove window tint on our Removal Page and find Tools and Accessories for your tint job as well!