Replacement Policy

Replacement Policy

We at realize that not all of our customers are professional tint installers.  Nobody is perfect—not even the pros—and we want to make sure that if you do make a mistake, you can still end up with an outstanding finished product with little additional cost to you.  That is why we make this offer:

If you make a mistake during installation and need replacement tint, we will replace any individual window pattern for only $9.95 each.

We make this offer only to replace film patterns that you, our customer, have already purchased from us.  The replacement tint will be for the same type of vehicle as your original order and in the same style and shade of tint.

To take advantage of this offer and purchase replacement tint for any window at $9.95 per window, just enter your original order number, vehicle description, and pattern to be replaced.

Now relax and get started on that tint job!