How Much Will Window Tint Cost for my Car

How Much Will Window Tint Cost for my Car?

You want your automobile to be tinted – great! But how much is it actually going to cost you?

Well, the answer to this simple question of window tint cost depends on several things.

  1. Who is tinting your car?

For this, there’s really two options which you can go with. You can either tint it yourself, or you can get a tint shop / auto-body shop to do it.

Tinting your own car windows can sound like a scary adventure, but it’s actually not too bad. People purchase their own window tints for their cars from us all the time, and they’re happily satisfied with how easy the process is. It’s just a matter of sticking, pressing, and preventing any air bubbles from popping.

Yes, you can get your local tint shop to do it. But prices for that can cost you several hundreds of dollars, and that’s if they’re nice and giving you a discount. If you’re looking to not spend a fortune, then go with yourself and do your own window tinting.

  1. What Kind of Car Do You Have?

Your car is shaped differently than your neighbor’s car. Trucks, look different than sedans. All automobiles have differently sized windows, windshields, and mirrors. Make sure you get a kit that is customized you’re your exact make, model, and year, so you know you’re getting one that will match your car perfectly.

  1. How Much Window Tint Will You Be Doing?

Some users don’t want every window tinted. If you’re going to an auto-body shop, they might require all windows to be included. But if you’re purchasing your window tint from Auto Tint Rider, then you have a lot more options available to you. You could get just your back side tinted, or front-side, or rear-window. Or you could get it all and purchase our complete kit. The more you’re tinting, the higher the price, but the greater its functionality in increasing your privacy.

Now that you know how to save money while still getting your car tinted, click here to find your vehicle today.