DIY Auto Window Tinting Has Never Been Easier

DIY Auto Window Tinting Has Never Been Easier

You’re staring at your car, and you want the windows tinted. But you have a problem. Do you decide to do it yourself, or do you hire someone else to take care of this. Years ago, we may have suggested getting the tint shop to take care of this for you.

But it’s 2015, and DIY auto window tinting is so easy, that we’d recommend it for nearly everyone. Just how easy is it? Here’s the steps you take to get your windows tinted right to your desired level (and state’s legality!)

First, you’ve got to order your tint. If you haven’t done it yet, you can order from Auto Tint Rider here. It’s absolutely crucial that you choose the right make, model, and year for your car, because if you don’t the windows won’t match perfectly, which ruins all of the effects you desire with your tinting.

Once you have your tint at your place, get your car in your garage or similar, wind-free environment, and get to work. You’ll also need a single-edge razor blade, microfiber / lint-free towels, squeegee / hard card (a State ID should work), and application fluid.

Start by cleaning the windows. You don’t want to use any household glass cleaners, or any other cleaner which contains alcohol or ammonia. If you don’t have an automobile glass cleaner available, then use Auto Tint Rider’s Car Glass Cleaner. After thoroughly cleaning both sides (and remember the corners), dry your glass with a squeegee.

Next, remove the clear liner from the tint. You can start doing this by peeling the liner at one corner, and then continuing to peel away making sure not to create any tears.

Finally, apply the film. You’ll want to take extra care to ensure that the tint doesn’t touch your car doors or anything other than the windows, because that could leave marks on the film. Once you have it on the window, and you’ve squeegee’d all the liquid out along with sliding the ID card along any air bubbles to remove them, you’ve finish the process. Pat yourself on the back for a DIY auto window tinting job done well!

Need even more details? We’ve got a complete step-by-step guide here.