Welcome to Auto Tint Rider, your top choice in premium pre-cut automotive window film, tools, and accessories. We at AutoTintRider.com offer do-it-yourself tint kits that are pre-cut using the latest technology in the industry.

Using our window software system and precision plotters, we are able to cut the tint to the exact make, model, and year of your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit. Our pre-cut window film saves you time and money, while still achieving a professional finish. Since our kits are pre-cut, you simply wet the film and apply to your vehicle.

Our window software includes over 11,000 vehicles and almost all current domestic passenger vehicles, including some dating back to 1975. Our database is continually updated with new vehicles to ensure we stay on top in the industry. In rare cases that we can’t provide your vehicle pattern, we will issue a full refund.

We at AutoTintRider.com only sell you what you need to tint your vehicle. We know that savings are important to the do-it-yourselfer and that you don’t want any unnecessary expenses. All of our packages, chemicals, and accessories are designed for just that one vehicle that you’re tinting. Why buy a quart of application fluid or a gallon of tint remover when a few ounces are enough? We are dedicated to helping you keep your costs down.

About Our Tinting

Auto Tint Rider only uses Solar Gard tinting, which is an extremely high-quality brand with scratch-resistant coating. Each tint is quality inspected before being sent out and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure a perfect fit for your use, with the style and protection your vehicle deserves.