4 Benefits to Auto Glass Tinting

4 Benefits to Auto Glass Tinting

1. Keep Your Interior Cool

On those hot summer days, there is nothing worse than stepping out of the unbearable heat only to find the interior of your car is smoldering! Not only can you barely sit down (especially with leather seats…OUCH!) but you can’t touch your seatbelt or steering wheel for at least 5 minutes. You end up blasting you car’s A/C or rolling down the windows until it’s safe to touch. Furthermore, if you are leaving any kind of liquid, make-up, food, or electronics in your car, they can be damaged when exposed to high heat. Auto glass tinting can keep your car a nice, comfortable temperature every time you get into it.

2. Keep Your Interior Looking Amazing

Extreme heat is the mortal enemy of your interior’s fabric. If you have a leather interior in your car, window tinting is one of the easiest ways to keep your interior from cracking and splitting. Even if you have an older car or cloth interior, high heat and sunlight can make dashboards crinkle and steering wheels begin peeling. Not fun when you go to take your hands off the wheel and notice something left behind on your hands.

3. Privacy

What happens in your car is your business and having auto glass tinting on your vehicle’s windows will keep it that way. Although most states tinting laws won’t let you fully black out your windows, you can still make it difficult to see through your windows. You won’t have to stress about leaving things in your vehicle or anyone you don’t want seeing you while you drive through your day.

4. Protect Your Investment

Tinted windows is a great way to help protect the investment that is your car. Not only does it keep your car comfortable and keep nosey eyes out, but it helps protect your car’s electronics like stereo, navigation and GPS systems from becoming overheated or sun damaged. Replacing interiors is extremely expensive and cracked dashboards and steering wheels are not going to help you sell your vehicle if the needs arises. But, if you have legal and well-applied tint, you may actually be able to increase your asking price!

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